The Rise of IPPPs

Leslie Anthony, Pique, May 21 2015

Culliton Creek constructionImagine the Sea to Sky corridor as a scene of widespread destruction, trees levelled in every direction, piled helter-skelter as if vast swaths of forest had been taken out by the sweep of a giant's hand, and with steep mountainsides below magnificent peaks, formerly green, now scarred brown by rockfall and displaced soil, tell-tale clouds of dust hanging in the air. A veritable paroxysm upon the land.

Alterra and Klahoose To Develop Tahumming River Project

Media Release, Alterra Power Corp., May 12 2015


VANCOUVER, May 12, 2015 /CNW/ - Alterra Power Corp. (TSX: AXY) and the Klahoose First Nation are pleased to announce they have signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) under which Alterra and the Klahoose will work together to develop the 15 MW Tahumming River hydroelectric project, which is located near the Toba Montrose and Jimmie Creek projects in the traditional territory of the Klahoose.

The Heart of Quadra's Parks is Saved!!!

Discovery Islander, March 21 2014

Islanders have been waiting for this fabulous news. On March 10, the sale agreement between the Province and Merrill and Ring was finally signed. Octopus Islands and Small Inlet Marine Parks are now linked as one park system.

Safeguarding Salmon Part 1: Justice Cohen's Blueprint

Watershed Watch Salmon Society, Feb 27 2014

Check out this short film recounting the largest investigation into missing salmon in Canadian history—the $26 million Cohen Commission—and the story of some people that aren’t going let it fade away without a fight. Share far and wide. Together we can stand up and get action on protecting BC wild salmon.

Run-of-river hydroelectric project clears hurdles

Richard Gilbert, Journal of Commerce, Feb 10 2014

Narrows Inlet Hydro Holding Corp. has received approval from the B.C. government to construct a run-of-river hydroelectric project, but an environmental group argues these types of generation facilities should be halted.

‘Horror shows’ on B.C. rivers: Government given an ‘F’ for handling of run-of-river power projects

Dan Fumano, The Province, January 29, 2014

The majority of run-of-the-river power projects in B.C.’s South Coast region are not being operated in a satisfactory environmental manner, according to Freedom of Information documents provided to The Province.

“We were told these things were going to be green, we were told they were going to be the next-best thing since sliced bread,” said Marvin Rosenau, who worked as a freshwater biologist in the Ministry of Environment in the 1990s and 2000s and now is a fisheries instructor at BCIT. .

Obama signs hydroelectric power bills; H.R. 267 and 678 now federal law, 09Aug2013

Both the Hydropower Regulatory Efficiency Act of 2013 and the Bureau of Reclamation Small Conduit Hydropower Development and Rural Jobs Act were signed into law by President Barack Obama earlier today.

The bills -- House Resolution 267 and 678, respectively -- will improve conditions for domestic hydropower development by streamlining the federal regulatory process requirements for certain types of hydroelectric projects.

District refuses permits for run-of-river project in Upper Lillooet Valley

Larry Pynn, Vancouver Sun, July 1 2013

A private run-of-river power producer is “considering all options” after the Squamish-Lillooet Regional District voted against issuing temporary-use permits to allow the company’s project to proceed in the upper Lillooet River Valley.

Toba Inlet Run of the River Project video

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Deep Cove father takes on Kiewit after son’s death

Anna Mehler Paperny, Global News, May 23 2013

On a rainy February afternoon in 2009, Sam Fitzpatrick was crushed to death when a boulder more than 1.5 metres in diameter tumbled downhill through his worksite near Toba Inlet, B.C., striking his head as he drilled rock.

B.C.’s financial honeymoon ends with Columbia River Treaty anniversary

Vaughn Palmer, Vancouver Sun, June 17, 2013

VICTORIA — As newly appointed cabinet minister for BC Hydro, Bill Bennett inherited the provincial share of an emerging challenge in Canada-U.S. relations.

Private hydro plants fall short on monitoring

Larry Pynn, Vancouver Sun, June 17, 2013

Only seven of B.C's 22 projects documented everything required, says federal fisheries report

Private run-of-river hydro facilities are falling short of meeting both the specific monitoring requirements for their projects as well as general industry guidelines, a consultant's report commissioned by the federal fisheries department concludes.

Court rules hydro project can proceed without environmental assessment

Vivian Luk, The Canadian Press, Globe and Mail, May 17 2013

Vancouver — The B.C. Supreme Court has ruled that a hydro-electric development in northeastern B.C. should be allowed to proceed without an environmental assessment.

The dispute over the assessment of 10 power generation sites along a 40-kilometre stretch of the Holmes River was launched by a coalition of conservation groups.

Private power projects damaging a B.C. legacy

Gwen Barlee, Times-Colonist, May 14 2013

A Vancouver Island river renowned for its fish — including two endangered runs of steelhead and five species of wild salmon — is being dammed and diverted into a pipe to produce hydro power. Construction on the Kokish River, near Port McNeill, started last year, months after the provincial government allowed corporate giant Brookfield the rights to industrialize the river.

B.C. power producers have high number of compliance issues

Canadian Press, Globe and Mail, May 2 2013

Internal government documents show a startling number of compliance issues with British Columbia’s independent power producers and say the province does not have the staff to monitor the projects.

A memo circulated within the Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations ministry says 90 per cent of projects as of September 2011 had incidents and non-compliance with environmental requirements.

The Rise of Independent Power Producers, Explained

Colleen Kimmett,, April 30 2013

They split the enviro vote in 2009, but can they still spark trouble across the province?

B.C. demand for renewable power could boom

Scott Simpson, Vancouver Sun, April 30, 2013

KPMG report sees LNG, population and industry growth as catalysts for new wave of IPPs

Wind power development could boom in British Columbia as the province scrambles to support a potential LNG export industry, according to a study.

Accounting and consulting firm KPMG speculates in a review of Canada’s energy sector that B.C. will be the nation’s “new growth market” for clean energy development.

Repairs to damaged run-of-river project expected to take months, cost $10 million

Larry Pynn, Vancouver Sun March 20, 2013

Slide at Montrose Creek wipes out 300 metres of piping

One of B.C.’s largest private run-of-river power projects will continue to operate at significantly reduced capacity for months due to a major winter slide that wiped out 300 metres of piping.

BC issues investigative licences for waterpower projects

Laura Walz, Powell River Peak, January 30, 2013

Alterra receives 20 for Bute Inlet and five for Toba Inlet

BC’s government has issued over two dozen investigative licences to Alterra Power Corporation for waterpower projects.

The province has offered the company 20 investigative licences for projects in the Bute Inlet area and five in the Toba Inlet area.

Run-of-river sector in regulatory disarray, documents suggest

Larry Pynn, Vancouver Sun, January 23, 2013

Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations lists 749 non-compliance incidents from 16 hydro projects in 2010

The independent run-of-river power sector is in regulatory disarray, following inconsistent rules designed to protect fish and with provincial officials hard-pressed to crack down due to lack of staff and resources, freedom-of-information documents show.

The Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations states in a staff report approved by Julia Berardinucci, director of resource management in Surrey, there were 749 non-compliance incidents from a total of 16 hydro plants in southwest B.C. in 2010.

Alterra Power and Fiera Axium Infrastructure Announce Partnership in Toba Montrose and Dokie 1 Facilities

News Release, Alterra & Fiera Axium, December 12 2012

VANCOUVER - Alterra Power Corp. (TSX: AXY) and Fiera Axium Infrastructure are pleased to announce that they are now partners at the 235 MW Toba Montrose run-of-river hydro facility and the 144 MW Dokie 1 wind farm in British Columbia, effective December 7. A consortium of Canadian investors led by Fiera Axium purchased GE Energy Financial Services' partnership interests, and now owns a 60% interest in Toba Montrose and a 49% interest in Dokie 1. Alterra's ownership interests in these facilities are unchanged at 40% and 51% respectively.

Montrose plant may be offline until spring

Laura Walz, Powell River Peak, December 19, 2012

Montrose plant may be offline until spring

A large rockslide has damaged the 88-megawatt Montrose hydroelectric facility in the Toba Valley.

Alterra Power’s Montrose Hydroelectric Facility Sustains Rockslide Damage

News Release, Alterra Power Corp., December 13, 2012

VANCOUVER, BC, Canada, Dec. 13, 2012 /CNW/ - Alterra Power Corp. (TSX: AXY) announces that a large naturally-occurring rockslide near its 88 MW Montrose hydroelectric facility caused significant damage yesterday to a 200-300 metre section of the five kilometer penstock which supplies water from the water intake to the power generating plant. The intake and power plant were not affected and there were no injuries. The cost of needed repairs is currently being assessed, and the repairs may require the Montrose plant to be off line for several months. Property damage and business interruption are expected to be fully insured and it is hoped that repairs can be carried out during the winter months when water flows and power generation are minimal. The nearby 146 MW Toba hydroelectric plant was not affected and remains in operation.

Run-of-river proposal receives positive response

Laura Walz, Powell River Peak, October 10, 2012

City officials ask for direct award of power contract

City of Powell River officials advanced their proposal for a run-of-river project on Freda Creek during the UBCM (Union of BC Municipalities) annual convention at the end of September.

The city is proposing to move forward with the project that has the potential to generate 36 megawatts of power. It had originally been proposed by Plutonic Power Corporation, which merged with Magma Energy Corporation last year to form Alterra Power.

A wolf lurks at edge of IPP ‘green’ projects

Gwen Barlee, Vancouver Sun, September 17, 2012

When I was growing up my mother used to warn me to look out for a wolf in sheep’s clothing. What she meant was to be cautious about people and situations that are not what they seem. This idiom aptly applies to the issue of independent power projects (IPPs) in British Columbia.

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