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Community Action: Our Bute

Has Bute Inlet given you stories to tell? Do you know someone who would like to share memories about living or working in the inlet, or about an adventure up Bute? Please help us locate and document the history of this magnificent powerful place.

Planting trees in Bute Inlet

Premier and all:

I am writing about the proposal to put 17 rivers at risk in Bute Inlet for hydro power.

Over 30 years ago I planted trees in Bute Inlet. I tell you this because the area I planted was so delicate that I planted Scar Creek 3 years in a row. Once the logs were gone, to keep the steep hillside stable we tried everything ... cones, etc. to protect from deer, rock slides, avalanches and sun.

It finally took and I hope that hillside is still there and flourishing.

Bute Inlet and Mount Waddington Stories by Rob Wood

(Extracts from my book “Towards the Unknown Mountains” – Ptarmigan Press 1991).

1. A short history of early explorations of Mt. Waddington.

2. Our first trip up Bute Inlet into the Waddington range.

3. A wintery ascent of Mt. Waddington from Bute.

Tapped Out

Todd Butler on Canada's water sellout. Click to play

We walked w. Alex!