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East Toba & Montrose Creek Hydroelectric Project

Project Status

03-Nov-2010 In operation

BC EAO: Completed & Approved CEAA: No separate federal review
EPA Status: EPA signed for 196 MW, 702 GWh/yr, F2006 Call for Power

Alterra (formerly, Plutonic Power Corporation & GE completed the East Toba River and Montrose Creek generation facilities in November 2010. At the end of 2012, GE sold its interest to Fiera Axium Infrastructure. East Toba has a nominal capacity of 123 megawatts (MW), and Montrose Creek 73 MW for a total of 196 MW. 148 km of transmission line was built from Toba Inlet to Earl's Cove, and 60 km of access roads. A full description of the project is included in the company's application for an Environmental Assessment

12-Dec-2012 Alterra Power and Fiera Axium Infrastructure Announce Partnership in Toba Montrose and Dokie 1 Facilities. link

28-Jun-2011 Alterra announces 10% increase in firm energy allotment for project. link

07-Mar-2010 Magma Energy Corp and Plutonic Power Corp announce merger to form Alterra Power Corp. link

03-Nov-2010 Plutonic and GE announce substantial completion of project. link

Project Info

Plutonic Project Info

BC Environmental Assessment Office (EAO) Project Info

No separate federal review

Project Map

Environmental Progress Reports: Toba Valley, Transmission

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