You are hereCelebrating Bute Inlet, Nov 14

Celebrating Bute Inlet, Nov 14

Saturday, November 14th, 7:30 pmQuadra Island Community Centre

Join Sierra Quadra and Friends of Bute Inlet (FOBI) in an evening dedicated to the stunning but threatened Bute Inlet.

During the summer many islanders had the opportunity to see first hand the dramatic beauty of this inlet and envision the impact of a mega hydro project.

The evening will open with a presentation by Philip Stone showing his recent aerial photos of Bute and Toba Inlet.

Damien Gillis from Save Our Rivers Society and members of FOBI will present the latest information on Plutonic’s Run-Of-River application.

The results of our Bute Inlet Photo Contest will be announced at this event.

Tapped Out

Todd Butler on Canada's water sellout. Click to play

We walked w. Alex!