You are hereSend a letter to the Premier - his Green Energy Advisory Task Forces are a sham!

Send a letter to the Premier - his Green Energy Advisory Task Forces are a sham!

Urgent: Take Action Now for BC Rivers!

Your Response to Government is Very Important – Don’t Delay!

At the power producers’ industry convention in November, BC Premier Gordon Campbell announced four ‘Green Energy Advisory Task Force’ groups and a mid-January deadline for their recommendations about nearly everything related to energy in BC.

Task Force members are hand-picked: some are high-profile individuals with little experience, many have ties to energy industry profits, and most support existing government policies. The Task Force quietly offered just 4 weeks for public comments – until December 31, 2009.

It is time to tell the Liberal government their methods are insincere and autocratic. Energy issues are some of the most critical questions facing BC and we need real opportunities for public participation. We need an energy-planning process that’s transparent and accountable – not what’s happening now! Write to the BC Government today. Your message can be very short: This process is a sham.

Our rivers are precious and irreplaceable and they are BC’s last great resource. If all the 800 BC rivers now staked for private development are diverted to produce electricity at full capacity, our carbon offset would be less than 8% – with unimaginable environmental costs. Its time to stop and rethink what’s truly ‘green’!

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    You can also say more - best in your own words.

    • Request province-wide town hall meetings and more time for public submissions
    • Demand return of community and citizen rights
    • Repeal Bill 30 that silenced our local governments’ voice in private power projects
    • Heed the report of our independent regulator, BC Utilities Commission, which ruled private river power is unnecessary, too expensive, and not in the public interest
    • Ask for a moratorium on river diversions until we have inclusive and comprehensive planning
    • Insist on energy conservation before energy production
    • Put the public good ahead of corporate profits
    • Design incentives and infrastructures to encourage conservation

    End your letter with a question that requires a real answer.

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    Download this as a document and use it to get started on your own letter.

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