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Bute Inlet and Mount Waddington Stories by Rob Wood

By Friend of Bute - Posted on 28 December 2009

(Extracts from my book “Towards the Unknown Mountains” – Ptarmigan Press 1991).

1. A short history of early explorations of Mt. Waddington.

2. Our first trip up Bute Inlet into the Waddington range.

3. A wintery ascent of Mt. Waddington from Bute.


British Columbia’s highest mountain, Mount Waddington, soars 13,177 feet above a barely penetrable shroud of remote and rugged wilderness with hundreds of square miles of cascading glaciers, thick-jungle and precipitous canyons, treacherous rivers and exposed ocean inlets with few natural harbours.

The sheer size and inaccessibility of this formidable wilderness shroud might account for the fact that the mountain’s very existence was not fully recognized until 1925. It took a particularly adventurous and determined couple, Don and Phyllis Munday, to prove it.

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Tapped Out

Todd Butler on Canada's water sellout. Click to play

We walked w. Alex!