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Planting trees in Bute Inlet

By Friend of Bute - Posted on 11 January 2010

Premier and all:

I am writing about the proposal to put 17 rivers at risk in Bute Inlet for hydro power.

Over 30 years ago I planted trees in Bute Inlet. I tell you this because the area I planted was so delicate that I planted Scar Creek 3 years in a row. Once the logs were gone, to keep the steep hillside stable we tried everything ... cones, etc. to protect from deer, rock slides, avalanches and sun.

It finally took and I hope that hillside is still there and flourishing.

If you start digging away the hillside to lay the water pipe it will be devastating to the environment, never mind the water generator footprint. When we were there, the forests were alive with animals, we planted up to the edge of the magnificent Waddington Glacier and the rivers in the area were teeming with fish.

Even with our no trace camp....poles for our cookshack was made out of deadfalls, we washed in a sauna, dug a pit toilet and all garbage was removed and poles returned to the earth to composte ... we did disturb the animals ... the bears came around and were attracted to the compost and the food cellar ... so if a handful of treeplanters can disturb an area ... just imagine what a huge industrial project will do.

Please reconsider this foolhardy venture! There are other ways and one is to reduce the need for this much energy ... education for the public could turn this around and save an incredibly beautiful and precious area.

Look at what happened in Iceland....once you destroy the land it does not come back as it once was.

Thirty-five years later my husband, also a treeplanter up in the inlets, and I sail up there in the inlets ... it is too beautiful for words ... please do more research on the devastating effects this will have and please consult the public.

I am not the only story

Valerie Arntzen

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