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About Friends of Bute Inlet

Bute Inlet is a magnificent wilderness in British Columbia

People who have had a chance to visit Bute Inlet can attest to its remarkable beauty. Bute Inlet is also one of few truly healthy and productive watersheds left in the world. And Bute Inlet is threatened.

The Provincial government's Call for Green Energy has led to more than 700 hundred applications for ‘run of river’ power projects throughout British Columbia, including development plans for almost every river on the coast, and a mega proposal for the wild rivers of Bute Inlet.

Plutonic Power and General Electric are planning the largest private hydroelectric development in Canadian history: 17 rivers dammed with up to 95% of their flow diverted into into 88 km of pipelines, 144 km industrial roads, 110 bridges, 16 powerhouses, substations and 443 km of high voltage transmission lines will change this wilderness forever; also damaging precious habitat for threatened wildlife including grizzly bear, mountain goat, 5 species of salmon, anadromous trout, marbled murrelets and countless other species. Impacts will prevent public access and dramatically reduce the world-class recreation values of BCs highest mountains, wild glacial rivers and ocean.

This is development is not green and industrializing Bute Inlet is not a solution for climate change. A few short term jobs and huge corporate profits are poor excuse for
degradation of rare habitat and productive watersheds.

Friends of Bute Inlet is a community network for sharing information and encouraging governance to protect coastal ecosystems and encourage energy conservation.

We want:

  • Meaningful process that includes the public and local communities in decisions about natural resources
  • Comprehensive energy planning that includes evaluation of public needs and social goals
  • Democratic decisions about power production and distribution
  • Informed decisions about appropriate siting for hydroelectric and other energy facilities
  • Environmental assessment that includes adequate baseline data, impartial science, cumulative impact studies, and rigorous project monitoring.

More information:

Friends of Bute Inlet,,
Box 570, Heriot Bay, Quadra Island, BC V0P 1H0, 250-285-2846


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