You are herePlease help us oppose applications for bottled water extraction at Bute Inlet!

Please help us oppose applications for bottled water extraction at Bute Inlet!

ACTION ALERT, Friends of Bute Inlet, January 24, 2011

Please help us oppose applications for bottled water extraction at Bute Inlet! We are concerned and suspicious about motives and implications of a BC Numbered Company applying for many large-scale commercial water extractions in Bute and nearby coastal inlets. While we investigate, we are opposing the most-recent applications for Bute Inlet. The attached doc contains More Info.

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Lannie Keller
for Friends of Bute Inlet


January 28, 2011

Ross Douglas, Senior Land Officer
200 -10428 153 St.
Surrey, B.C. V3R 1E1
Fax: 604-586-4434

RE: 2410205, 2410510, 241051, 2410505, 2410516, 2410513, 2410518, 2410532

I oppose the seven water license applications in Bute Inlet for commercial water bottling by numbered company 0879144 BC Ltd.

I am concerned about the apparent extent of this numbered-business venture and how many creeks will be affected at Bute and adjacent coastal inlets without comprehensive planning and environmental assessments. Privatizing and bottling water also have social implications, both local and global.

Every water diversion should be environmentally assessed - these are decisions and long term commitments that affect the hydrology and biodiversity of BC’s vital coastal watersheds. Cumulative impacts must be considered - including other water removals, climate change projections, and at Bute, the17-rivers energy mega-project proposed by Plutonic and GE. At remote locations, BC also needs to implement independent site-monitoring and enforcement to ensure industry compliance.

Promoting a bottled water industry mocks BC’s “green” imagery and contradicts its carbon-reduction legislation. Local regional governments oppose these water bottling applications, and worldwide, governments are banning bottled water. Ninety percent of used bottles are littered or land-filled, where they take thousands of years to decompose. BC can do better.

Commercial water licenses effectively privatize water at a time when there is a global movement to keep water for the public good and to declare access to water a human right.

I oppose licenses for commercial water bottling in Bute Inlet.

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