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Government issues water bottling licences; $#!+ hits the fan

Friends of Bute Inlet, July 12 2012

In early 2011, the Friends of Bute Inlet and other organizations became aware of more than 30 applications for water licences for bottling purposes on streams in Jervis, Toba, Bute and Knight inlets. We collectively asked the Minister of Environment to deem them a reviewable project under the Environmental Assessment Act and ensure that there was at least some opportunity for discussion and submissions on the applications by not just us, but by local governments and First Nations.

The Ministers ignored us for months, until MLA Claire Trevena arranged a meeting with Terry Lake and he and folks from the EAO all met with the groups, only to turn down the request for an EA later, as was expected.

In September and March most of the applications – Jervis, Toba, Bute - have been approved. The handful of applications in Knight Inlet are not yet decided on.

The Sechelt, Klahoose and Homalco issued a statement on July 11, 2012, stating their opposition to the permits and the project. One of their concerns, which was obvious at the outset, is that the Kwiakah are partners in the project, and are in effect staking territory in Sechelt, Klahoose and Homalco territory. Like, nobody in Victoria saw this coming?


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