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10,000 Voices for BC Rivers - March 26

By Friend of Bute - Posted on 03 March 2009

On Thursday March 26, join thousands of British Columbians in standing up for BC's rivers. On that day, thousands of people from around the province will be contacting their MLA and the Premier calling for a moratorium on river privatization.

Act now:

In 2002, the BC government banned BC Hydro from developing new sources of green power, decreeing that all new hydropower must come from private companies. This has lead to a gold rush mentality, with private operators staking almost 600 creeks and rivers throughout BC. Each one of these projects involves building river diversions, dams, powerhouses and many kilometers of roads and transmission lines.

The BC government’s rush to develop private power has resulted in a chaotic situation where cumulative environmental impacts are ignored, regional planning is non-existent, our energy security is jeopardized and local governments have been silenced.

Thousands of people have taken action to protect their rivers and streams throughout British Columbia. People have written letters, attended information meetings, and told their family, friends and neighbours about the threat of private river diversions to BC’s waterways. Now it’s time for all of us to speak up together.

The Wilderness Committee has launched a campaign called “10,000 Voices for BC Rivers.” We’re calling for a moratorium on private power projects until they are regionally planned, environmentally appropriate, acceptable to First Nations, and publicly owned.

We like our rivers wild and our power public, and we hope you do too.

Go to and sign up for our mailing list. We’ll keep you up to date on the 10,000 Voices project, tell you about other people taking action on this issue, and give you a reminder leading up to March 26th to take action.

If you’d like some of our 10,000 Voices flyers, an action kit for holding a small event, or just want more information, please feel free to email , or call toll-free 1.800.661.9453 (or 604 683 8220 in the Lower Mainland).

Let’s find out how powerful all of our voices can be.

Andrew Radzik | Outreach Director | Wilderness Committee
Canada's largest membership-based wilderness preservation organization

office: 604-683-8220

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