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Citizens Appeal for BC Rivers - the Blurb

By Friend of Bute - Posted on 01 April 2009

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British Columbia rivers are under siege.

Independent power producers, backed by provincial government and new legislation, have applied for more than 700 river diversion energy projects. Should every application proceed, barely a watershed will be left untouched and BC will be cris-crossed with an uncoordinated web of transmission lines. Claims that some individual projects are “clean and green” are undone by the sheer number and magnitude of these proposals, which will have serious cumulative environmental, economic and social impacts.

Rally organizers, including Friends of Bute Inlet, have been asked by the media how many organizations support our position.

If you support the concepts outlined below please endorse our Citizens’ Appeal for Changes to protect British Columbia rivers.

  • We promote energy conservation and support developing renewable low-carbon energy supplies in British Columbia. We are opposed to the present opportunistic corporate approach that does not include a comprehensive energy development plan, and fails the people of BC because it denies public process and ignores affected communities.
  • Bill C-30 must be repealed: the provincial government should not have power to silence local community opinion and ignore local government bylaws.
  • We support a moratorium on further river diversion projects until they are vetted through a comprehensive, rigorous, and transparent province-wide planning process that allows for meaningful stakeholder participation, evaluates cumulative environmental impacts, and identifies development proposals that pose the least environmental risk.

We are collecting endorsements!

To join our Citizens’ Appeal for Change, click here now. Or email us, the Friends of Bute Inlet, at

Send the name of your organisation, club, business, or interest group -- small or large, every group is welcome.
Please include your town or location, along with an email address.

Questions may be directed to, or phone 250-285-2846.

Thank you for caring about BC’s Rivers!

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