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Hawkeye Green Energy Grid

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Provincial EA is currently inactive, pending draft Terms of Reference. No public comment period has opened up

Review Status BC EAO: Pre-application CEAA: No application
EPA Status Submitted to Clean Power Call

Hawkeye Energy Corporation is proposing to build 12 runof-
river hydroelectric generation facilities with a combined capacity of 151 MW in the Toba Inlet, Powell River and Jervis Inlet drainage basins. Depending on the selected route to Malaspina Substation, 135-150 km of 230 kV transmission system will be built.

Klinaklini Hydroelectric Project

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Provincial EA is inactive until Kleana Power files an application in accordance with the Terms of Reference which were published March 3, 2008

Review Status BC EAO: Pre-application CEAA: Comprehensive Study
EPA Status Dropped from Clean Power Call; Selected projects

Klinaklini is a proposal to develop a hydroelectric project on the east branch of the Klinaklini River, above its
confluence with Dorothy Creek, near the head of Knight Inlet. Proposed average generating capacity will be 280 MW with 800 MW during high flow conditions. The site is located on the mainland coast, 150 km north of Campbell River. A 10.3 metre tunnel, 17.25 km long, will conduct water from the diversion point to the powerhouse. The project includes a proposed 230 kV transmission line of 180 km, with aerial crossing of Johnstone Strait, to Campbell River.

In October 2009, Pristine Power Corp. acquired a 57% controlling interest in the Klinaklini project from Kleana Power Corporation, a company of Dr. Alexander Eunall.

In May 2010, BC's Minister of Environment stated that the boundaries of Dzawadi/Upper Klinaklini River Conservancy would not be adjusted to accommodate the project, and in June, the project was dropped from BC Hydro's Clean Power Call.

In August, Pristine Power wrote off its controlling interest in the project. Presumably, ownership reverts to Kleana and Dr. Eunall. By 2011, Pristine had become a wholly owned subsidiary of Veresen Inc.

Upper Toba Valley Hydroelectric Project

Review Status
BC EAO: Review completed, Project approved CEAA: Project approved

EPA Status: Submitted to Clean Power Call, EPA awarded

Alterra & GE (formerly, Plutonic Power Corporation & GE) proposed originally to construct three hydroelectric projects located at the head of Toba Inlet, approximately 100 km north of Powell River, BC with a total installed capacity of 133 MW. Major components included Dalgleish Creek (30 MW), Jimmie Creek (56 MW), and Upper Toba River (47 MW). The produced energy will be conveyed via approximately 2.3 km of transmission line for interconnection to the 230 kV transmission line serving the East Toba and Montrose River Hydroelectric Project. A full description of the project is included in the company's application for an Environmental Assessment

The electricity purchase agreement (EPA) signed with BC Hydro is for 124 MW from just two of the streams- Jimmie Creek and the Upper Toba River. Dalgleish Creek was excluded because capacity at the Saltery Bay substation was insufficient for the potential load.

23-May-2012 Alterra signs deal with Klahoose First Nation. link

07-Mar-2010 Magma Energy Corp and Plutonic Power Corp announce merger to form Alterra Power Corp. link

30-Apr-2010 Plutonic Power Corporation, GE Energy Financial Services, Sign Electricity Purchase Agreement with BC Hydro for Upper Toba Valley Hydroelectric Project link

07-Apr-2009 Plutonic Power Corporation: Environmental Assessment Certificate Granted for Upper Toba Valley Run-Of-River Project link

Knight Inlet Project

Review Status: BC EAO: No application CEAA: No application
EPA Status: Project not entered in any of BC Hydro's calls for energy

Plutonic Power Corporation states that the Knight Inlet Project consists of six generation facilities and will generate a nominal 247 megawatts (MW). It has not been submitted to a BC Hydro call for power.

Freda Creek Hydroelectric Project

Review Status: BC EAO: No application CEAA: No application
EPA Status: Project not entered in any of BC Hydro's calls for energy

Plutonic Power Corporation originally listed Freda Creek among its generation projects. In 2012, the City of Powell River and the Tla’amin (Sliammon) First Nation announced that Tees'Kwat Land Holdings Ltd had acquired the water application, and that they were jointly forming a company, and would advance the project together. The proponents are hoping to bypass the BC Hydro competitive "calls" process and be directly awarded an EPA with BC Hydro. Freda Creek is just north of Earl's Cove. The project could have a nominal capacity of 35 megawatts (MW).

10-Oct-2012 Run-of-river proposal receives positive response link

East Toba & Montrose Creek Hydroelectric Project

Project Status

03-Nov-2010 In operation

BC EAO: Completed & Approved CEAA: No separate federal review
EPA Status: EPA signed for 196 MW, 702 GWh/yr, F2006 Call for Power

Alterra (formerly, Plutonic Power Corporation & GE completed the East Toba River and Montrose Creek generation facilities in November 2010. At the end of 2012, GE sold its interest to Fiera Axium Infrastructure. East Toba has a nominal capacity of 123 megawatts (MW), and Montrose Creek 73 MW for a total of 196 MW. 148 km of transmission line was built from Toba Inlet to Earl's Cove, and 60 km of access roads. A full description of the project is included in the company's application for an Environmental Assessment

Bute Inlet Hydroelectric Project

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No action items at present

Review Status BC EAO: Pre-application CEAA: Joint Panel Review (disbanded)

EPA Status Submitted to and later withdrawn from Clean Power Call

Alterra Power Corp., (formerly, Plutonic Power Corporation) is proposing to construct the largest cluster of hydroelectric projects ever built in British Columbia, on streams feeding into Bute Inlet. The company claims it will have a "nameplate" capacity of 1027 megawatts (MW) - 10% of the total hydroelectric generating capacity in BC Hydro's legacy dams - from 17 powerhouses.

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