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Bute Inlet Hydro Project to have public hearings if project revived, says Ottawa

News Release, Friends of Bute Inlet, 20 March 2011

Minister Kent says Federal Review Panel to be re-appointed for environmental assessment of major project

VANCOUVER – Canada’s Environment Minister, Peter Kent, confirmed Thursday that the stalled Bute Inlet Hydroelectric Project will remain subject to Canada’s highest level of environmental assessment.

Bute Inlet Review Panel disbanded; New panel to be appointed if EA continues

Public Notice, Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency, March 18, 2011


The Panel established under the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act (the Act) to conduct the environmental assessment of the proposed Bute Inlet Hydroelectric Project (the project) in British Columbia has been disbanded.

TAKE ACTION: The Water Act Needs Your Comments by March 14

OUR WATER is up for discussion and YOUR VOICE is important!

British Columbians believe water is a critical resource and overwhelmingly support strong legislation to protect and sustain BC’s fresh water resources. We want to protect our environment, provide water for people and communities, and ensure water is managed for the future as a publicly-owned resource.

Magma to acquire Plutonic Power

Canadian Press, Globe and Mail, Mar 07, 2011

Magma Energy Corp. (MXY-T1.17-0.05-4.10%) plans to acquire Plutonic Power Corp (PCC-T2.630.218.68%) in an agreement to create a company they say is worth about $575-million.

Magma's current focus is on geothermal power and Plutonic is mainly involved with hydroelectric and wind power as well as some solar-electric projects.

After acquiring Plutonic, Magma would change its name to Alterra Power Corp.

Magma’s takeover all about scale

TIM KILADZE, Globe and Mail, March 7, 2011

Instead of being cryptic about the real reason for their merger, the heads of Magma Energy Corp. (MXY-T1.17-0.05-4.10%) and Plutonic Power Corp. (PCC-T2.620.208.26%) have come right out and said it: scale.

“The power business is all about the cost of capital and size really does matter,” said Ross Beaty, Magma’s head, on a conference call Monday.

Magma Energy to buy Vancouver's Plutonic Power in $190M deal

Reuters, Vancouver Sun, March 7, 2011

Canada's Magma Energy Corp will buy clean power company Plutonic Power Corp for about C$190 million ($195.5 million) to expand its presence in hydro, wind and solar segments.

Each Plutonic shareholder will receive 2.38 shares of Magma for each share held, representing a 20 per cent premium to Plutonic's Friday closing price.

Magma, one of the world's biggest developers of geothermal energy resources, will change its name to Alterra Power Corp after the acquisition.

Magma Energy Corp. and Plutonic Power Corporation Announce Merger to Create Alterra Power Corp.

News Release, Magma Energy Corp. and Plutonic Power Corporation, March 7, 2011

Vancouver, B.C., Canada, March 7th, 2011 - Magma Energy Corp (TSX:MXY) and Plutonic Power Corporation (TSX:PCC) today announced that they have entered into an arrangement agreement (the "Arrangement Agreement") to merge and create Alterra Power Corp. ("Alterra"), a leading renewable power producer, with a post-deal market capitalization of approximately $575 million.

Chetwynd area wind farm powers up for BC Hydro sales

By Gordon Hamilton, Vancouver Sun, March 2, 2011

VANCOUVER — Plutonic Power Corporation has completed the startup of its 43-turbine wind farm at Dokie Ridge near Chetwynd, and is selling energy to BC Hydro under a 25-year energy purchase agreement.

Bottled water bans spread across Canada

by Julie Dupuis, Straight Goods News staff, Public Values, February 24, 2011

Heated community battles precede Bottled Water Free Day

Canadians object to buying negative product when clean, safe water is free.

Throughout Canada, citizens are asking for bans on bottled water, which is costly, environmentally damaging, and less regulated for safety and water quality than public water supplies.

Bottled water proposal raises both common sense and legal questions

Andrew Gage, West Coast Environmental Law, February 22, 2011

Well, we’ve waded into another controversy over water. You may have read me quoted in the Globe and Mail or the Times Colonist expressing concern about bottled water operations proposed for the Bute, Jervis and Toba Inlets on BC’s mid-Coast.

SCRD stands firm on bottled water project

Allie Nichol, Coast Reporter, Feb 18, 2011

After refusing to support a bottled water project proposal at the end of 2010, the Sunshine Coast Regional District (SCRD) is standing firm with its decision — and going a step further.

At its Feb. 10 planning committee meeting, directors endorsed a new water bottling policy. The policy states, “The Sunshine Coast Regional District does not support the extraction of fresh water resources in gas, liquid or solid form from surface or groundwater for the purpose of bottled water sales.”

Weaning our politicians off the bottle

Randy Christensen, Ecojustice, Feb 14, 2011

Oh, the French. The country that gave the world Perrier and kick-started the bottled water craze is now building free public water fountains that dispense sparkling water. The move is being taken in an attempt to tamp down demand for bottled water.

ACTION ALERT: oppose applications to take water from 34 streams in 4 inlets for bottling

ACTION ALERT, Friends of Bute Inlet, February 10, 2011

At least 34 applications to extract water for bottling from streams in Knight, Bute, Toba and Jervis Inlet have been submitted to the provincial government. Each water application is paired with another for a land lease at the mouth of each stream. All of them are part of a water bottling scheme, details of which are sketchy and contradictory, and the one person common to them all has avoided reporters and any explanation about the real scheme.

Please help us oppose these applications for bottled water extraction. We are concerned about many environmental and economic issues with bottled water. We are suspicious about the real, undisclosed plans of the promoter.

In the absence of a credible and open review process for these applications, we are opposing all of them.

Report reveals gaps in BC’s electricity export policy framework

News Release, Pacific Institute for Climate Solutions, February 10, 2010

If British Columbia ramps up production to become a major electricity exporter there is no guarantee the province will gain new market access, warns new research out today from the Pacific Institute for Climate Solutions (PICS).

Vision: How Small, Mostly Conservative Towns Have Found the Trick to Defeating Corporations

Tara Lohan, Alternet, February 4, 2011

As the Right pushes privatization as a solution to the economic collapse, one organization is teaching communities how to defeat corporations.

Environmentalists question First Nations’ water bottling proposal

By Paul Rudan - Campbell River Mirror
Published: February 10, 2011 3:00 PM

Conservation groups are calling for an environmental assessment to examine a water bottling business proposed by two small First Nation bands.

“I think we need to look at the big picture…water is the new gold,” said Lannie Keller of Read Island, a tourism operator who also speaks on behalf of the Friends of Bute Inlet.

Deluge of bottled-water licence applications rings alarm bells

By Larry Pynn and Judith Lavoie, Vancouver Sun, February 9, 2011

For years, bottled-water companies have been quietly obtaining Crown licences to exploit dozens of remote and little-known water sources all over B.C., with soothing names like Longcool Spring and Garden Spring.

Well, not any more.

B.C. tour operator fears water applications could lead to bulk exports

Matthew Burrows, Georgia Straight, February 8, 2011

A tour operator based in B.C.’s Discovery Islands is concerned that a recent rush on local streams for water-bottling operations is the beginning of a slide toward bulk water exports.

Environmentalists sound alarm over B.C. water-bottling plans

WENDY STUECK, Globe and Mail, Feb. 08, 2011

Plans to tap dozens of mountain streams on the B.C. coast and then bottle and sell the water have raised concern in environmental groups, which call the proposals “a new dimension in water exploitation” and have asked the province to conduct an assessment that would consider them as a whole.

Bottled water proposal doesn't need environmental assessment, First Nations behind scheme say

Judith Lavoie, Times Colonist, February 8, 20100

A proposal to pull water from remote streams along B.C. Central Coast inlets doesn't need a full environmental assessment because the project will use "the most environmentally conscious method ever used in B.C.," says a spokesmen for the two First Nations behind a recent string of water licence applications.

Environmental groups raise alarm over scheme to bottle water from more than 40 B.C. streams

Judith Lavoie, Times-Colonist, February 6, 2011

A deluge of connected applications to extract water for bottling — from more than 40 streams around four remote inlets on the B.C. Central Coast — has prompted a flurry of requests for a full provincial environmental assessment.

Water licence applications map

Dozens of New Water Bottling Operations Slated for B.C. Inlets

News Release, Friends of Bute Inlet et al, February 8, 2011

Five British Columbian groups call for formal environmental assessment


Campbell River – At least 40 streams in four adjoining B.C. inlets north of Vancouver have been targeted for new water bottling operations, five groups revealed today.

The bulk of the dozens of water bottling license applications--in Bute, Knight, Jervis and Toba Inlets--
were filed in 2010 and are now in the hands of the new B.C. Ministry of Resource Operations.

B.C.’s water to be sold to the highest bidder?

Randy Christensen, Ecojustice, Jan 26, 2011

Province's once-promising water modernization efforts go off-track

For the past several years, there has been a multitude of discussion papers, extensive public consultations and big speeches from the B.C. Government on the effort to “modernize” the B.C. Water Act. It’s the law that governs who gets to use water, for what, when, where, and who gets the priority when there’s not enough to go around.

Everyone agrees the systems is broken, it’s only a question of what to do about it.

Please help us oppose applications for bottled water extraction at Bute Inlet!

ACTION ALERT, Friends of Bute Inlet, January 24, 2011

Please help us oppose applications for bottled water extraction at Bute Inlet! We are concerned and suspicious about motives and implications of a BC Numbered Company applying for many large-scale commercial water extractions in Bute and nearby coastal inlets. While we investigate, we are opposing the most-recent applications for Bute Inlet. The attached doc contains More Info.

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